Last night between Oscar tweets or Facebook updates you may have overheard a lovely tune playing in the background… that tune we speak of is “La Vie En Rose“.

A much more colorful version of the Edith Piaf original, was the soundtrack for the latest Miss Diorperfume starring Natalie Portman.  Like the soundtrack, “La Vie En Rose” is the name of the latest eau de toilette by the French fashion house.


The ad campaign was directed by Sofia Coppola and styled by Kate Young and featured a myriad of pastel, bubblegum and magenta pink dresses obviously all by Dior. This sugar coated film features the elegant Portman doing what many young woman wish they could do daily: lay on couches, get kissed by a handsome gentleman, stare pensively into space, or just frolic around a yard with no sense of worry.
The campaign originally hit the web last week but, not until the 10+ times it was played during the Oscars did it truly catch our ear and then our eyes.
La Vie En Rose is currently being exclusively sold at Selfridges in London but, goes internationally on March 1st, 2013!
Written by Editor-at-large – Michael S. Giraldo