It’s been week 6 of training, but I’m still on week 4 of the interval running process. Does this make sense? Probably not… let me clarify.

In training, it gets to a certain point where your body (or your mind) decides you’ve hit a wall or it can’t go any further. To break passed this, you need to continue on a certain phase until you are able to surpass it. It’s kind of like a game. You continue on level 4 until you beat it, and move onto level 5. Wow… that was a much easier explanation than whatever I tried to do earlier.

Anyway, during my training hurdle there are lot of things I’ve been doing incorrectly like icing my knees after. Or breathing. Or stretching properly. Or drinking water. Yesterday, I had a Holistic Body Realignment with an amazing Healing Specialist, Lora Condon, that specializes in treatments for athletes. I’m not going to go into further detail as I’ll write more about her in another post next week. During the treatment everything Brad enforced, that I wasn’t doing ie. breathing, icing, drinking water, was resulting in me harming my knees and not allowing me to push past that week 4 hurdle.

I’m going out today, doing everything Brad advised, and I’ll let you know how it goes.


Wait… I’m sure you think I only do running. I don’t. I do yoga on my off days just as a way to center myself and not think about work or other stressors for an hour and a half. The hassle with going to yoga in the middle of the days is carrying that mat and my purse at the same time. Recently, I came across this great bag by Po Campo that acts as a handbag and yoga carrier. The Armitage Satchel is not only stylish, but smart in design as it can be worn as a messenger, over the shoulder, in your hands, placed on a stroller, on a bike… basically Po Campo’s uses or almost endless. Plus it fits in my locker at YogaWorks!


Retailing at $120 the Armitage Satchel is available online at Po Campo.


Since I’m talking about products that I love, let’s talk about running gear. It’s been so cold in New York for months now that I’m convinced Mother Nature is going to skip over Spring and Summer and return to Fall. Anyway, as everyone has been praising Lululemon, I was convinced there had to be another brand that was on the same level or better, plus didn’t have the same diluted brand recognition as NIKE, Adidas or PUMA.

Well, MPG is not only comparable in efficiency (I think it’s better, but I also haven’t tried EVERY product out there), but designed to work for athletes, dancers and everyday use.


Apart of the Mondetta family, MPGs birth in Winnipeg, Manitoba wanted to blur the line of fashion and performance.  Many of the pieces I have have a secure waistband that doesn’t slide down as you run. A few other brands that I have should be strictly for  lounging as they move with every step. Another reason I’ll swear by MPG is that it’s comfortable enough that it grazes over your skin rather than compressing you with heavy duty spandex… or whatever material used that cuts off my circulation in GAPs GFast.

Starting at around $44, MPG provides every item needed for working out to running errands.