Manifesting is nothing new. The word manifest doesn’t really have the sanest connotation, but if you read the Secret and practice “the law of attraction”, you’re manifesting. Our most recent contest was all about manifesting your dreams. We asked our social media followers to tell us one of their dreams or aspirations in life, and though we couldn’t pick every one as a prize winner, they’re all winners in our eyes. Having a dream is just the beginning. Writing it down or speaking it allows the universe to help you make it true. As I was so taken aback by what our followers had to say, I pasted below the entries. Further below are the randomly chosen winners (which will be announced on instagram Saturday at 2PM)!

jenster891 To be able to one day travel the world with Nola (and Angel).

fa_myboo To finish my novel

pretty_prestige To open up teen centers globally and spearhead a teen summit for African youth

tilzz To become a successful serial entrepreneur

hxnnxh.a One of my biggest goal and dream is to get into med school and become a veterinarian and also own a rescue center for all of the stray dogs and cats in Puerto Rico????????????✨

delaneywilson3 My dream is to become an Elementary School teacher so that I can provide my students with a safe place away from home… Because sometimes, home isn’t a safe place. Thank you so much for the chance, and I loved reading everyone’s responses to this.

sookyaeh My dream is to finally see positive Muslim and Arab representation in media… perhaps even a show or a movie about an Arab/Muslim woman where her faith or her choice of clothes doesn’t matter because it’s her choice and she kicks ass at life and at her amazing and super powerful job … or even about the badass historical Muslim/Arab women that kicked ass in battles or fought against the societal constraints (I also aspire to write this show/movie) #goals

tifftupper My dream is to help other first generation college students like myself to take the world by storm and to dream big.

emanbfendi My dream is to cover every city for fashion week in September ????

sarahhacks To become an @soulcycleinstructor! ????????????????????‍♀️

ruzella05 I want to write a children’s book. I want to make sure that kids know how loved they are, no matter what situation they are in. They matter. They are the future.

fillydesign To become a better teacher and coach. Xx

iamyahrlen Been working for the last five years in a project that will revolutionize the way we eat. Inspired by the century-old premise, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” It’s several components intertwined in one concept: Organic Farming, Culinary Robotics and Supervised Nutrition.

norapacheco6 To go to grad school and get my MSW

guardgirl2424 I want to get into psychology to help understand the “mentally ill” and have the public become more aware and help them instead of hurt

Congratulations to our grand prize @SarahHacks with our runners-up @fillydesign, @ruzella05, @iamyahrlen