I recently attended the Fragrance Awards and asked many of the attendees what their favorite scent was. To my surprise many said the natural scent of Provence. Known for its bounty of lavender fields, and housing the world renowned city of Grasse, Provence is the epicenter of untouched, all-natural scents.

That’s why many, including myself, love the captivating flavor of L’OCCITANE. Always able to capture a part of life through its fragrances, L’OCCITANE has become more than a brand purchased for name – it’s a brand purchased for nostalgia. And the latest scent collection,Frisson de Verviene, is out just in time for the summer season.Verbena-Frisson-EDT

Spiced with freshly picked Verbena leaves and spring water extract, the scent is reminiscent of the production process it goes through. From plucking to travelling from one village to the next alongside the bodies of water, Verbana leave a fragrance trail lingering throughout its journey. Encapsulates in an ombré glass bottle with additional notes of citrus, you can take the summer of Provence wherever you may go.

Frisson de Verviene  collection is available online and in-store.