Listen up everyone. Fashion Week will do a number on your health. By the end of it, you’ll wind up looking and feeling as though you’ve taken a final every hour, on the hour, until it ends. BUT, your skin doesn’t have to suffer.
Today, L’OCCITANE launches Divine Cream Mask. It’s a cream-based mask that comes with a 24K gold-plated massaged applicator. When used together, the cream is better absorbed into skin for firmer, smoother and more luminescent results.

How? Well, the Divine Cream Mask is loaded with key ingredients including Shea Butter (known for its soothing properties), Cistus (formulated with a high concentration of aromatic molecules, this ingredients unique relaxing properties work to soothe and reduce feelings of tightness), and its secret weapon, Immortelle. Immortelle, or Everlasting Flower, comes from a species that when you cut and dry them, the flowers preserve their color and shape for a long period of time. Which comes as no surprise that Immortelle oil offers proven anti-aging benefits like enhanced uniformity, nutrition, elasticity, and firmness.

Another major plus is it helps fight acne. As instructed, I left the excess cream on and went to bed. The horrendous breakout I had been dealing with for over a week was gone the next morning. G-O-N-E. I couldn’t believe it. Where were you Divine Cream Mask when I needed you in high school?! :: drops to knees and breaks down in tears::

L’OCCITANE Divine Cream Mask is available in L’OCCITANE boutiques nationwide and online for $145. Make sure to read the pamphlet inside on how to use, as it offers different techniques.