800-Blundstone-Ducati-Scrambler-1Blundstone and Ducati Scrambler collaborate on special boot for the release of the Scrambler bike. Dating back to 1870 with the original Chelsea boot, this Tasmanian brand has released a limited edition pair in connection with the Scrambler’s official apparel and accessory line.

Officially coined “Blundstone 800” this black leather boot with olive green and yellow elastic gore paneling was designed with a more modern take in mind while emulating details specific to the Scrambler bike. For instance, the Blundstone 800 has bespoke stitch details on the gear shift protector, the Ducati Scrambler logo on one of the two classic Blundstone pull-tabs, as well as the craftsmanship to offer both long lasting comfort and durability.

“Combining authentic heritage and contemporary style has been a constant throughout Blundstone’s history,” says International Sales Executive, Andrew Ross. “Since 1870, we’ve enabled people to go anywhere, do anything, and live life authentically. We’re very proud to have collaborated with Ducati Scrambler to bring this story to the riding world.”

You want a pair don’t you? You want to feel that sensation of traveling wild and free with freedom in your heart and wanderlust in eyes? Even if just to the most tourist ridden Starbucks in Times Square. Well, so do a lot of other people, but there isn’t an endless supply… just so you know. Yeah, Blundstone only produced 3,000 pairs of the limited edition boot to be sold throughout select U.S. retailers, including their ecommerce site for $250. So, if you want to ensure you get the size you want, than you better order now. Like right this second!

For more information on Blundstone or Ducati, visit them online.