Fabergé-The-Art-of-Colour-2013-CampaignRenowned for their creativity and vibrant colors, Fabergé has been synonymous for luxury since its beginning. Focusing on vividly colored gemstones and unique pavé setting techniques, the House of Fabergé perfected their style intriguing the likes of some of world’s wealthiest people. Today, Fabergé, continues to entice the palette by creating delicacies as rare as mauveine when discovered by William Perkin, through its ‘Art of Colour’ campaign.

Showcasing the brands latest collection of precious colored gem as well as introducing a more modern take of refined luxury, it’s a collection filled with new take on the “everyday” piece. Glamorously loud cocktail rings, eye-catching chandelier earrings and delicate teardrop necklaces that work with, rather than against, brightly hued and darkly muted ensembles.

‘Expensive things interest me little if their value is merely in so many diamonds or pearls,’ said Peter Carl Fabergé

By sourcing only the most priceless of jewels, ethically, Fabergé creations not only remain something to be revered through artistry and craftsmanship, but demonstrate the importance of preserving the environment and humankind.