The trench coat was once a uniform – now it is a badge of individuality.

Way back when trench coats were first designed in 1914 by Aquascutum, [Burberry developed the “Tielocken” in 1912 which was very similar to the trench, but not similar enough for them not to soon produce their own trench.] trenches were made for soldiers. After WWI, everyday people started wearing them as wardrobe additives. Today, I can name several fashion addicts who’d give their right arm for a Burberry trench to add to their collection.

TrenchWith the way fashion is always collaborating, you won’t have to resort to such measures … hopefully… like with The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong. From December 2015 until February 2016 guests who stay in their re-designed suites can wear a heritage Burberry trench coat as well as enjoy the brand’s iconic fragrance, throughout the stay. If you happen to not be in a suite, one can still enjoy a private client styling consult at a Hong Kong Burberry store.

Think about it. Recreate your own Breakfast at Tiffany’s moments this holiday season, or even during Valentine’s. Hashtag it Breakfast in Burberry and have whoever you are with, or aMandarin Oriental staff member (they’re unbelievably nice) snap a couple of photos of you for social media. (I said a couple. They’ve got work to do and it doesn’t consist of taking photos of you all day, unless they are an Instagram husband.) It would be such a great memorabilia and your friend’s will think you’re a wiz with words.

This collaboration marks Burberry’s first partnership in Asia and is in honor of the hotel’s yearlong 10th anniversary celebration.