Growing up in Houston, there were certain things that are not going to happen regarding my hair. One of those things: leaving the house with wet/damp hair. Attempting to do this would end in frizz out of this world and tears based on shame, frustration and not realizing that my hair had morphed into something unrecognizable until I passed a mirror or plate glass window. And, no, the stares and pointing from total strangers didn’t tip me off, either. I’ve got natural hair, lived life in a virtual humidifier and can’t help playing with my hair…leaving home with dry, styled hair was a necessity to avoid the crying game. And even then, I had a love/hate relationship with my blow dryer. Excessive heat can lead to damage but it was a risk that I was more than glad to take (with a good heat protectant, of course).


Fast forward and Conair has a new blow dryer that promises the 3Qs: quick, quiet and quality. With promises of being able to reduce drying time by 70%, heads everywhere should be rejoicing: reduced heat exposure, less eardrum-blasting noise AND power equivalent to a 2000-watt professional dryer? Sounds great. One of my favorite Conair products of all time is a dryer/styler combo that used Ionic technology; the results were phenomenal, so I’m happy to see this blow dryer offers the same. While a bit steep at $120 (MSRP), it’s definitely work it to be able to reduce the effects of excessive heat when styling your hair; if Conair is able to create a machine that eradicates humidity, I’ll save my life-savings up to buy stock. Seriously.

Written by Angela E.