There’s nothing like lingerie shopping to make a women cringe. Except lingerie shopping and having the measuring experts size you in the middle of the store, than tell you they don’t offer your size, as pervy customers look on. Plus how well do these “experts” measure you anyway? I’ve been measured over 8 different times, not including the week I spent Googling how to measure myself at home, and for some reason, my measurement was closer, or more accurate, than any size an expert has ever told me.

Now you can measure anywhere with only your iPhone. (Sorry, Android, but there still working your kinks out.) ThirdLove is the only application to use a virtual measuring algorithm to provide you with the most accurate bra size, ever! Created by women who were frustrated with the process of bra shopping, they set out to produce an alternative that was easy, quick, and not an inconvenience.

“ThirdLove came from my lack of desire to get fit for a bra, and just dreading bra shopping in general. You hear that 80% wear the wrong bra size. It doesn’t make you feel great and it doesn’t make you feel great. So a lot of this is focused around making a woman look and feel at her best, and it starts from what you’re wearing underneath,” says Co-Founder Heidi Zak.amj-lady-tech-bras

Recently, I met with Co-Founder Heidi Zak and Head of Design Ra’el Cohen to discuss ThirdLove and what makes it so unique. Besides the fact they measure in half sizes, as well, which is important as not all breasts were created equal. These former Google and Charlotte Russe professionals took their knowledge of consumer wants and needs to offer high-end lingerie in customizable color ways.

“Because we sell direct to consumer, we’re able to sell a bra that would cost $120 for $39 to $75. And what were able to do because of this, is pick some of the higher-end, luxurious trims that you would go on the really expensive bras,” says Ra’el Cohen.

Which may seem like nothing to many female shoppers, but as you get older you want your money and the things you splurge on to last – especially for cost effect. And with the way bras and panties are designed today, we’ve been brainwashed, or grown accustom to, ignoring the necessary details in design for maximum support. Like the larger cup sizes that come with spaghetti straps, or the padded t-shirt bras in 40E. Or the fact that if you want coverage, and are jealously endowed you’re only options are thick, grandma looking cone cups with an underwire that somehow always seems to break.

ThirdLove, though still expanding their sizing options, provide you with a product you can really sink your breast in to, rely on for support, and feel beautiful in – all day long.

So stop reading this, and get measured! If your already sure of your size, you can shop based off your industry measurements online or via phone.