Listen up ladies and gentlemen. Sagging skin, or facial lifts aren’t only for medical grade spas anymore. The FDA has approved a device that can help lift and tone the muscles in your skin, similar to non-invasive procedures.

NuFace Trinity device is the only item on the market that is not only cleared by the FDA, but has proven, visible results. I don’t really need toning in my face, and that’s not me throwing shade at those who do, or better yet, think they need it. But at times my face feels lifeless, tired, and muscles feel so out of whack that no amount of wake-up remedies will do it any service. So when I finally did get around to trying NuFace, it reminded me a little of Abtronic. You know, that microcurrent stimulating belt made to work your abs, so you didn’t have to? Just like NuFace, it used a gel like substance ensuring no direct skin-to-machine contact, but it also had a tingling sensation. Like your face was getting a workout.

Research has found that 85% of users experienced significant improvement in facial contour, with 73% experiencing significant improvements in skin tone. Would I recommend for people ages 13 – 21? Absolutely not. And that’s just based off of my personal beliefs of what is age appropriate. I will say that because I’m not so caught up in aging, or sagging skin at the moment – I’m 27 – women who are looking for an at-home remedy would really love NuFace. Plus, coming in such a sleek design, it can be disguised in any bathroom vanity.