This New York Fashion Week just felt off. Something was very different from most seasons and I can’t put my finger on it. Many will blame the weather that ruined the weekend – piercing winds, temperature so cold you wished for nothing more than a blizzard to swoop through and turn the streets into mountain slopes – but don’t be fooled. Something just wasn’t right.

What was right though, was the Keds and Refinery29 100th anniversary party that kicked off this New York Fashion Week. Hosted by creative director of the new Keds Collective, Allison Williams, we were treated to a live performance by global shoe collaborator and Keds collective member, Ciara as well as a DJ set by Harley Viera-Newton. Though the room was abuzz with industry favorites like Jamie Chung (Keds collective member), Nico Tortorella (Younger), Wendy Williams (host of The Wendy Williams Show), Ty Hunter (Celebrity Stylist), and so many more, we were really enthralled with the custom shoe bar. It’s exactly what it sounds like. We got to choose one of four designs to have hand drawn on a fresh pair of kicks. [You can make your own! Just get a white pair of Keds and decorate as you like, or use their custom order option online.]

Throughout 2016, Keds will continue their global Ladies First campaign unveiling new ads and innovations!