Tuesday, JCPenney hosted a private dinner to celebrate the 10th anniversary of nicole by Nicole Miller at the Refinery Rooftop. On display were pieces from her limited edition collection that are to be available only from September 1-30 at JCPenney stores and jcpenney.com. Models Pat Cleveland, Roshumba Williams, Kara Young, and Carol Alt, who took part in her inaugural presentation in 2005, came out to show support. As well as Fashion Director of H by Halston, Cameron Silver, and People StyleWatch, Kate Dimmock.

“In 2005, we introduced nicole by Nicole Miller in response to customers who were seeking chic, yet versatile clothing that offered the fashion credibility of a renowned runway designer. Today, it has grown to be a full lifestyle brand offering everything from dresses and handbags to fashion jewelry and eyewear,” said Liz Sweney, chief merchant for JCPenney.

Before the evening really began, we had a few moments to speak with Mme. Miller about the 10th anniversary collection, trends, and that Daily Front Row article that solidified my adoration for her.

Could you tell me a little bit about this collection and what’s making it so special for your 10th anniversary?
Well, I designed this season’s print which is the back drop that some of the girls are wearing and we called it bling. So it’s all like jewels, so I wanted … you know they’re wearing it too. I wanted to have this sort of excitement and festiveness to it. I think the print came out beautifully.

How are you able to create comparable designs so women still feel as though they are wearing a Nicole Miller design at different price points?
Well, I think that I always pick very beautiful prints for this line. I think that all the prints are very beautiful. They may be a little more colorful than I use for the regular collection. So I don’t feel like anybody feels like they are being cheated. You know? I feel like people that are buying this feel like they’re getting something really special.

What are your favorite pieces from this collection?
A lot of these (points to looks on display) are you know are things that were the last season or two and all those things (points to models) are for the special collection. The things that are on the runway.

Are there any trends that you’re looking forward to for this season?
You know, I think all the trends are running together these days. There are no trends anymore because every trend runs at the same time. You can wear short, long. You know I like the old styles when it was like the mini or the platform heels. Platforms don’t go out of style. Flats don’t go out of style. Short skirts don’t go out of style. Long skirts don’t go out of style. Skinny pants don’t go out of style. I mean, big pants are a big trend but that doesn’t mean skinny pants are out of style. So anything goes is what I say. Whatever looks good on you.

I read this amazing article that you did for Daily Front Row, I want to say two years ago. You were just so blunt and to the point. 
Oh, the one about all the models?

Yeah. And I just thought it was the best because I think we’re in a time when everyone wants to be so-
Politically correct?

I know. I kind of … I said a few things I thought maybe I shouldn’t have. (laughs)