GEORGINE by Georgine Ratelband since we last saw her, chose functional fashion over tailored feminine lines. Not to say she’s gone for the masculine silhouettes that many seem to choose, rather she’s turned a one piece into several looks. A sizeable over coat that offers waist cinching options, removable vest to worn alone atop a blouse, or saved for a rainy day giving the coat a three-quarter sleeve.

During fashion week, we got to chat with the designer behind GEORGINE.

I remember the first collection I ever saw of yours…
Was it that the spring/summer 2013?

Yes! And I fell in love. Can you tell us how it has changed this time around?
My clothes have always been very tailored, so this season I tried to work more with shapes, sizes and body proportions; and try to play with that. For example, we’re still with that very feminine GEORGINE DNA of body conscious dresses, but right now I have oversized coats paired with them. We added much more color. Fur, of course, for the winter collection – beautiful, all dyed in colors of the season.

Was it easy to transition from tailored to more oversized pieces?
I think it was easy for us. I mean, I’m always my biggest customer, so if I wouldn’t wear it, it doesn’t go. So these coats are oversized, but in the back to accentuate your waist, celebrate the female curves, I did a belt that comes from the waist to tie it around. It’s accentuated in the front, but in the back it has the oversized look.

Can you wear it without cinching the waist as well?
Yes, absolutely! The belt is not attached, so you can take it out for the oversized look. Or you put the belt with something else. For us it’s always about multifunctional. Like the look we are opening with, the green coat right there, you can take the vest out so it’s three-quarter sleeve.

Is it important for you to have pieces be versatile?
I always design with that in mind. The clothing should always be something you wear during the day and bring it into evening. It’s made of the finest materials from Italy, so it’s important they can wear it in autumn and into the winter time. Because when you have a great piece you want to wear it all the time.

Has your popularity grown in other regions since her debut?
Oh yes… Europe and the United States are her primary markets. Then Asia following.

Besides everything in the collection, is there a particular piece you think is your baby, or that we should take note of?
Definitely this coat. It’s amazing. Then our stretch leathers are incredible. [pulls leather] Look at the stretch. It feels like you’re wearing jersey. Normally when you wear a pencil skirt you feel restricted, but there’s a super high slit in the back.  There are also dresses with the slits in the front.