Housed inside this Georgian townhouse, caged elevator, is home to 59 bedrooms. Categorized by type – Comfortable, Desirable, Enviable and FABulous, each genre holds uniqueness of its own. Ranging from bespoke toiletries to a lounge area with a “tuck box” filled with regional delicacies to the latest fashion publications, exudes a sense of simplistic luxury. All rooms come equipped with baths for those late night relaxing soaks.

Designed in a modern Renaissance feel certain aspects, by law, must remain to preserve its historical beauty including The Great Gatsby style caged elevator. Adorned with a mosaic door accented with purple and silver and trimmed gold, this mechanism stands as the focal point upon entry.  But note, hidden behind this masterpiece lays a soothing waterfall best scene from the double-L shaped stairwell encircling the lift.

IMGP0711 Though no in-house restaurant momentarily (they are currently in the works of renovating the basement for a fine dining establishment), guests can enjoy breakfast, light meals and drinks in the downstairs lounge. But don’t fret, the staff understand the need to get out and about, and have dozens of recommendations for places in the area from pubs, fish and chip shops to star awarded restaurants including Two Fat Ladies – world famous restaurants honoring Clarissa Dickson Wright and Jennifer Paterson.IMGP0738

And speaking of staff. These are some of the sweetest, most helpful people you may ever meet in the hospitality industry. I’ve stayed in many places and at times, the courteousness seems forced, which I still respect. But it seems when hiring, there’s a certain personality requirement necessary. While there, I got lost on 3 occasions while looking for a particular restaurant, ultimately returning and bugging the receptionist several times. Each time she smiled, and gave me a new place to try. It never felt like they were “doing their job”, it seemed like the team genuinely cared. Which is hard to find.

Apart of ABode Hotel Group, Arthouse is one of six UK locations and one of two townhouse locales. Situated on Bath Street, it resides in one of the city’s bustling areas filled withextensive shopping grounds, delicious gastronomic options and a great art scene, all in a few block radius. Many hotels are nestled nearby to try, but you’ll always return to The Arthouse Glasgow.IMGP0752

For more information about ABode Hotel Group or caged elevator, please visit them online. Thinking of planning a trip to Glasgow soon,  visit VisitBritain or People Make Glasgow on what to do, where to go, and places to see.

All photos taken with Ricoh’s PENTAX K-50.