Happy Father’s Day everyone! Yea, I mean everyone. It’s not only men who take the fatherly roles anymore. With how quickly the nuclear family ideology has been dismantled, more and more friends, aunts, uncles, cousin, etc. are receiving well-deserved praise on such an important day. Sort of like how cologne isn’t just worn by men any longer.

There’s something about the scent of cologne, or better yet the prominent notes, that catch your attention. The vanilla and amber mix for sweet flavor that lingers after the sandalwood and sage hit. It’s romantic. It’s sexy. It’s strong. It’s mysterious. It’s sort of what you think about when you think of Tom Ford, isn’t it? I find it best fits one who’s always sharply dressed, thinks his aroma matches his persona, but counteracts the superficiality with an all-around great personality. He’s basically the guy EVERYONE wants to date.

Tom Ford Noir is currently available on FragranceNet.com. If Noir is not for you, peruse their extensive collection and find a scent for you, or your love one.