As a woman who would pick scalding hot wax over chucking razors on the daily, I was quite intrigued when approached about HYD For Men Razor Shield. I know, I know… it clearly states for men, but if I feel annoyance with the lack of sustainability many razors have, imagine how those guys who shave, or groom on the daily feel. Watching all that money eventually clutter the landfills, over decades is heart wrenching. I mean I would even do the math, but I’m not going to.

So what does HYD For Men Razor Shield do exactly? Well, Razor Shield is a serum that elongates life expectancy of razors by shielding the blade of corrosive chemical reactions they are exposed to during everyday use. With over 11 million razor cartridges thrown into landfills every day, and Razor Shield cutting the throw away ratio by more than a third, we, or better yet, y’all men, can help your skin and the environment significantly.

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“As a shaver, I was searching for something to enhance my shaving experience, yet wouldn’t ask that I abandon my preferred razor blade brand,” HYD For Men CEO and Founder, Adam Berk said. “I wanted to create products that were not only a renegade in the men’s grooming arena, but something that would stand out from the clutter.”

HYD For Men is available online at and and select Kinney Drugstores on the East Coast.