In celebration of their 30th Birthday, PAPER Magazine has created two very different collector covers featuring Courtney Love and Brooke Candy, showcasing their new makeover. Which is what happens when you turn 30. You chuck all your 20s memorabilia, and shop for a brand new wardrobe, serving a more decade appropriate look. Actually, I don’t know if that’s true as I’m not yet 30, but I hear that’s how it happens.

Anyway, to acknowledge the people who make PAPER, PAPER, these issues are overflowing with the unapologetic thinkers and doers that are not only aware of the grand platform they’ve earned, but they use it. People like Patti Smith, Afrika Bambaataa, Rick Owens, Angel Haze, old, new, and faces to watch. It’s basically the same old PAPER on the inside with a few new features and columns yet provocative, keep you wondering stories with the likes of the always in the media, twitter fiend, Courtney Love. Who, by the way, is much smarter and calculated than I believe people give her credit for.

I’ve talked on Twitter with Lana,” Love says. “I went out with Miley the other night, who’s great and grounded and has a very deep voice. They usually come to me. Brooke Candy sought me out. Even Sia, we talk on Twitter and text. The only one who hasn’t sought me out is Katy Perry, which is fine.

You want to read more don’t you? That quote pulled you right in. I felt the same way when I read it.

PAPER Magazine’s September issue is on the shelf right now. Go get it!