Haider Ackermann’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection showcased intricate stitching of colorful threads haphazardly sewn throughout each garment. Playing off these details, Aveda Guest Artist, Kamo, created a punk rock hairstyle with threaded needlework throughout the hair. “This woman is a party girl who has no problem rocking day-after hair from a long night of carousing,” Kamo said.

This definitely isn’t a look for everyday or everyone, similar to Ackerman’s on fashion identity, but it is for those who live on the edge, even once in a blue moon. And thanks to Aveda, you can. They’ve given us the 411 on how to recreate this soft punk style à votre maison.

Products needed:
Pure Abundance Style-Prep
Phomollient Styling Foam
Blow dryer
Crimping iron
Colored thread of your choosing
Air ControlHair Spray16763613741_eb83af5626_k

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Set a styling foundation by misting Pure Abundance Style-Prep throughout the hair.
  2. Taking a generous amount of Phomollient Styling Foam in hands, warm up the product in palms and then distribute throughout the hair, being sure to cover each strand.
  3. Blow dry hair using the hands to help add volume and texture.
  4. Let hair lie with no visible part and mold around face; begin to add dimension with a crimping iron by clamping small sections of hair 2-3 inches apart throughout the head.
  5. Start crafting a punk style with the hands and intermittently using Air Control Hair Spray to hold the created shapes.
  6. Once the shape is achieved, take small sections of hair on the right side and weave strands with thread going upwards creating haphazard braid-like patterns; repeat on the other side.
  7. Set the look with a final spritz of Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray.