So simple, yet so daring. Charlize Theron went for an all white ensemble for the Grand Prix in Melbourne, Australia. And though we’d love to replicate the look all the way down to the name tag, these wallets just won’t allow for it. Luckily we’ve pulled together some other brands that can help you get Charlize’s look for a fraction of the cost, leaving a little left over for coffee. Then again, you may want to skip the coffee when you’re wearing all white. May not be the wisest choice, no matter how bad you need that caffeine boost.Get-The-Look-Charlize-Theron

COVINGTON Women’s Essential White Shirt – $36; METAPHOR Open Front Jacquard Blazer – $60; EAST & LO Knit Front Top – $36; METAPHOR Woven Jumpsuit – $48; CHINESE LAUNDRY Lolita Dressy Sandal – $79.95