With summer around the corner, invitations for parties will soon be flooding in. As the hostess it’s difficult to find or create one of a kind ways to show your guests you really care. Now with Scotch Duct Tape coming in an assortment of shades and out of this world designs, you’ll cater to every soiree theme perfectly. Here are our favorite ideas to make a room pop.hero_good-2

Color Blocked Family Silhouette Art from Vintage Revivals

STEP 1: Get your silhouette
Sit in front of a window and hold your hands up. Make sure your camera is focused on your hands and not outside. Print it out and you are done!

STEP 2: Tape and add silhouette
Position your silhouette on a cutting board and secure it with a piece of tape so it doesn’t shift with your cutting mat underneath.
STEP 3: Cut the image
Use your exacto knife to cut along the edges of your image.
STEP 4: Add silhouette to canvas
Wrap a canvas or foam board with your Duct Tape to cover, slightly overlapping. Then put your heart silhouette on and attach it to the back of your frame.

Tumbling Block Art from The Glamourai

STEP 1: Line it Up
Start by lining up three rows of tape on one cutting board. Place your dark tone (in this case, black) on the outsides and your light tone (white) in the middle.
STEP 2: Start your Pattern
Use your ruler to cut a clean 60 degree edge on the end of the lines of tape. Continue scoring your tape lines at 1-7/8″” intervals (this measurement is important to making the desired cube pattern).
STEP 3: See your cubes, repeat
Repeat the process with your middle tone (plaid) on the outsides and your light tone (white) in the middle again.
STEP 4: Complete your canvas
When you begin laying out the pattern, let the tape hang off the edges of the canvas a little. Don’t press them down just yet, as you may find you’ll want to adjust them a bit as you go along. Keep going until your canvas is full!

Happy crafting!