Have you noticed a trend in corporate Americans leaving their high-profile positions to follow their true callings? More than 75% of the people I know who’ve listened to their passion, over reason, have succeeded emotionally and professionally. Otherswho haven’t prospered professionally, do still feel like they’re on the right path to something. Daniel Liberman, founder of Cory Vines, just happens to be a part of that aforementioned 75%.

Cory Vines, the newest member of the fitness apparel movement, has been coined the Warby Parker of activewear. Stylish, easy to breathe pieces that allow you to move to Beyoncé, run to Linkin Park, or find your center with MC Yogi, without the lemon price tags. Which I think is the most important aspect of fitness wear today. Seriously, if I’m going to be spending money for a gym, trainer, studio membership and wear clothes that will only fit me for the next 2 months, what in God’s name would make me spend $92 on a pair of leggings!? Am I mad!?

And Cory Vines gets that. Continuing a 60 year family manufacturing legacy to not scrimp on quality and style, but not rob me blind either, each collection is built with the highest of standards. When I first received their racerback tank, they had a very minimal style inventory and am pleased to see the expansion. My tank was so comfortable and soft, I wore it for 3 days (Don’t you dare judge me!). My only complaint was having a short torso and a drool worthy chest, I found myself pulling it up more often than I wanted. So I’d recommend regular tanks for those women out there with similar figures.

I can’t speak for the other items in the collection, but with what I’ve heard on the street about Cory Vines, many of these overpriced competitors better watch their back.