As the class of 2014 says their tearful goodbyes to families and friends, they welcome the real world of adulthood. You know, that moment where you go from being the one with the most Facebook friends and twitter followers in your frat, to untagging yourself from all the photos of you passed out on a car hood with granny panties on your head. It’s that moment where you realized not every photo of you doing crude, then funny, acts should have been posted. Especially when the  marketplace you worked many years to someday join, may look down upon your documented boyish ways.

Well  for four lucky men out there, Edge Shave Gel is offering you the chance to take those memories and turn them into possible once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Like assisting on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition photoshoot. Yeah… the one with all the bikini clad models. Or join former Weekend Update anchor, Seth Meyers, for a mentorship and behind-the-scene look at Hulu’s Original Series “The Awesomes”. One of these could be yours through the #DreamJob social media contest.

The Edge team aren’t afraid to share their aspirations and dreams, and believe their users shouldn’t be either. From now until June 30, 2014, contestants can create an online “resume” on Facebook and complete a series of challenges to score points, impress the judges and launch themselves to the top of the resume stack, for the shot at a Dream Job (Dream Job descriptions pasted below).

Dream Job candidates have six weeks to use social media to post content and complete challenges in order to land an interview for the job of their choice. The winning applicant for each Dream Job experience will be chosen based on his resume strength and qualifications for the role by a panel of judges, including representatives from the brand, Sports Illustrated, IGN, Thrillist and Broadway Video, a producer of ‘The Awesomes.’

“Edge Shave Gel does more than give guys an advantage in front of the mirror. We’re dedicated to providing a leg up in all aspects of their lives,” said Matt Rader, Group Marketing Director at Energizer Personal Care.

STYLECARTEL GIVEAWAY – And because we think this is a great start to a potential movement, we want to give five (5) lucky men out there a little something to get them ready for the marketplace – A year supply of Edge Shave Gel.Rules are very simple. We will post the dream job announcement on our Instagram and twitter accounts. Follow us, then reply to the image telling us YOUR dream job! Entries must be in by June 30, 2014 @ 12PM EST.

Please visit for more rules and details to the contest. Plus, don’t fret if you don’t win one of the four jobs, Edge has many more prizes for you to win.

The Edge Shave Gel Dream Job Experiences are:
The SI Swimsuit Photographer: Following a private lesson with the Sports IllustratedDirector of Photography, grab your camera bag and sunscreen before jetting off to assist at a Swimsuit Edition photo shoot.
The Thrillist Taste Tester: Clean your palate and sharpen your adjectives as you step into the culinary critic world and contribute to Thrillist as a guest taste tester for two months, and host your own tasting event at the end of the summer.
‘The Awesomes’ Funnyman: Step up to a different kind of work crowd as you learn what goes into producing a Hulu original animated series created by Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker and produced by Broadway Video and Bento Box Entertainment. You’ll receive a week-long mentorship at Bento Box Entertainment, the series’ production studio, and you can even make your on-screen debut with a cartoon cameo on the show.
The IGN Community Correspondent: Experience PAX Prime, where you’ll get a first-hand look at the next generation of video games and get special access to one of gaming’s biggest shows for IGN and Edge.