You know the drill. It’s sandal season. Those [should be] pedicured toesies are out on display for the next few months, or until it decides to get cold – whichever happens first at this point. I’m pretty sure you’ve done some of your footwear shopping, but you’ve got more to do with all the outings you’ll be attending. Don’t fret. We’ve chosen some of our favorite styles to get those inspiration juices flowing!AhnuAhnu. A couple of years back we did a contest with them for winter boots. Today they’ve expanded their collection to include sandals incorporating the same comfort arch support technology their  boots are known for. These are the Merida – a full-grain leather upper, platform sandal that’s lightweight, cushioned, and offers easy entry. TevaTEVA. I used hate hard on TEVA sandals. I actually remember one particular incident when a friend asked if I would go shopping with for summer essentials when we were in college. We walked into Dick’s Sporting Goods and she picked up these TEVA’s. I said,“[name redacted because we’re still friends today] this is a joke right? Put those down!” Years later, look who’s repping these sandals more than Kanye reps himself – me. Honestly, they are so simple yet so cool and I unashamedly wear them as much as possible. I may be wearing the Flatform’s as I sit and type this… you don’t even know. Timberland

Timberland. I know. I didn’t know they made anything besides those bad ass boots either. They even have a small curated selection of apparel and handbags. One bag in particular I’m trying to get my paws on as my current situation is killing my shoulder. But this isn’t about how their shoes aren’t the only sector that’s on point. The sandals are so well crafted it’s sick. It’s as though the material came straight from the producer to your foot. Like farm to table freshness. No joke. Many of the shoes even feature either OrthoLite technology or Anti-Fatigue Technology ideal for those who spend hours on their feet. There is one gripe though. One tiny gripe. The shoes are a tad bit narrow. I get the material is supposed to loosen and form to your feet over wear, but, just want y’all to take note when purchasing  styles like theTilden Leather Double Strap.

InkkasInkkas. These sandals are not some new, modern styled invention. Anyone who has been to Latin America or has lived in Tejas como yo, at some point probably owned a pair of Huarache sandals. My sister and I had quite a few actually. The year round pair of choice were these multi-colored leather sandals that I would wear with everything, to everywhere. Mum eventually took them away, so I could start wearing more adolescent-esque footwear, but now that I’m a grown woman ::cue Beyonce track:: I can wear whatever I want! As can you. Via-Savardina-Shimmering-Ocean-Blue_HZ

Sofia Capri. If you can’t go to Capri, at least have a little piece of Capri with you. Basically, made-to-order the way things were done during la dolce vita. No one had what you had. And when they did, they looked and felt different; the way true artisanal pieces are supposed to. I love them because the colors, no matter how muted, are so rich. They hold a modern story of old world style, but maintain the craftsmanship of handcrafted art. The sort of art that when worn and torn can breathe new life when cared for properly. Look at the way this Via Savardina glistens in Shimmering Ocean Blue. The blue reminds me of the water when the sun kisses it during sunset.