The inception of the design begins with a spark of inspiration, which comes to me in a visual flash, this energy must take shape and this is creativity: bringing form to living energy.

– Mehera Blum, Designer and Founder of Blumera

The moment you meet Mehera you fall in love. She’s one of those personalities that exudes simple luxury – well traveled, well versed in life, and just a good soul to be around. I know that sounds weird, but since moving to New York I’ve always been intrigued by those with a captivating story and optimism, rather than to the entitled or the “fake it till you make it” bunch. During the viewing of her collection she described how she took certain sections of her mother’s paintings and had them recreated on handbags with jewel encrusting and hand embroidering. Yes, it looks and feels as ornate as it sounds.

Recently we had the chance to chat even further with Mehera to get a glimpse into the world of Blumera.

What was you first foray into the fashion world?
About ten years ago I made some bags as sort of side project from my career as an actress and they were immediately picked up by Jessica Alba and Eva Mendes and shot for some magazines. I hadn’t planned to go into fashion per se but it seemed rather destined.

Your Fall/Winter 2015 collection commemorates your mother by utilizing her paintings. How did this come about?
I’ve been wanting to do something with my mother’s artwork for a long time. I think she is brilliant and we have been talking about doing a collaboration for a long time. It was a matter of finding skilled artisans who could do justice to her paintings.

The portion of her paintings you replicated are very detailed and intricate. Did this limit the pieces of each bag style you could manufacture?
I knew which body shapes and styles I was planning to do and had a visual in my head of where the embroidery would be placed. So the shape of the bag dictated what part of the embroidery I would use and how much of it.

There are so many fashion weeks and festivals around the world and it continues to grow. Will you participating in any?
I participate in Premiere Classe in Paris as well as the NYC shows, and on occasion the LA shows. I will continue to participate in more fashion weeks around the world. I love to travel and the collections are inspired by my travels so it feels natural that I participate in more and more fashion events worldwide.

Have you done any collaborations in the past or plan to do any in the near future?
I haven’t done any collaborations as of it yet, though I am talking to a ready to wear designer about a collaboration for NY Fashion Week which would be a lot of fun.

Many celebrities are dipping their foot in the fashion pool giving them an immediate leg up. How do you set yourself apart, or not get bogged down by the masses?
I stay true to myself and my heart and feel that as long as I do that I will have a path that is unique and will set myself apart. I try not to compare myself or look too much at what others are doing.

What do you have in store for us next season?
I love making really special pieces with special materials so I will continue in that way – I’m intentionally being a bit vague as I don’t want to give too much away! Also, I want to continue to use my mother’s art on the bags but applied through various mediums.

Painting in gallery slider:
Peacocks “Surrenderance” by Laurie Blum