It’s always refreshing when you hear of personalities proving media stereotypes wrong.Jennifer Pickett is a footballer wife, and though she’s not on any of those destructive reality shows portraying women in her position as “gold-diggers” and “classless”, she’s still a footballer’s wife. But she’s like the ones I knew of growing up in Houston – mom, a business owner, upstanding member of her community, and so much more. So when I saw thePICKETT’s collection up close with its brocade and silk silhouettes, and heard it was already picked up by Harvey Nichols (yes… THAT Harvey Nichols!!) I knew we were dealing with something unique and special.

Tell us about the inspiration of this collection.
The Pickett Fall 2014 collection is inspired by my love for baroque in everyday life combined with a demurely femininity and southern belle chic.   My concept is mixing the luxurious and ornamental fabrications of that time period with modern silhouettes and a flirty flair.

How did you get into fashion?
I grew up with a trinity of inspirational women: my grandmother, mother and aunt. They all encouraged me present myself as a lady. I was always dressed in skirts and dresses.   My grandmother was a self-taught seamstress, which inspired me to learn about design and fashion. Growing up I would select fabric, notions, and trims with her and then I would sit and watch everything including the sewing process.

Tell us about the materials, fabrications, and details used.
Pickett is made in the United States. We use a variety of fabric mills both domestic and international. The collection is created from European silk jersey blends, brocades and wools, and double georgettes.


Who is the PICKETT woman?
The Pickett woman is a chic mom or fashionable working-woman. She dresses to look pretty, sophisticated with a sense of whimsy. EVERYWOMEN SINGLE ETC.

Our lady might wear the soft silk fuchsia pink dress with a black leather jacket for her work-day and then change into a brocade jacket for an evening out.  Ideally the Pickett woman never wears a matching bottom and top, or classic suit.  She pairs a tailored jacket, with a beautiful beaded neckline, with a pair of jeans.

Tell us about “Made with Love”.
As mentioned, my grandmother was a self-taught seamstress, and she created one-of-a-kind dresses for me. Within each garment she made me custom labels marked “Made with Love.”  In homage to my grandmother, every Pickett design includes a label with those same words.

Just recently got into Harvey Nichols. Do you ever see a store front in your future, or just luxury retailers?
I’m very excited to debut Pickett internationally at Harvey Nichols for fall and at select specialty boutiques in the United States.  I’d love to have a store one day but first we need to establish our brand.


If you could compare your designs to any place in the world, where would it be?
Southern charm meets Parisian style and New York chic.

What fashion rules do you think should never be broken?
My opinion on this can best be described by a quote by Alexander McQueen. “It’s a new era in fashion – there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together.”

What are your feelings toward the Kimye VOGUE cover? Take away the celebrity aspect, do you think that aesthetic was VOGUE-worthy?
I am an avid Vogue reader and Anna Wintour fan. In my opinion, whatever she does is Vogue-worthy.