Our designer today, RUALD RHEEDER, I love. I can say that without a fear of being blacklisted as he was the only menswear to showcase this season at Hub of Africa, Addis. His designs are easy to understand, translatable to markets, and very much so his own. A South African native, he’s won “Best New Designer” and “The most consistently excellent performing designer” fromYoung Designers Emporium as well as being named Opulent Living/Mercedes Benz “Top 10 Most Influential Designers in South Africa”. This is just the start of his accolades. We’re ecstatic to see what he garners in the future.

Tell about the inspiration of your collection. AND Is there a specific story you want to tell throughout every collection?
The collection as inspired by the middle east. It is labelled African Sandstorm. Africa and nature is a strong foundation for all my collections. This one specifically was inspired by the dessert and the wind. It is a play on light fabrics with sheerness and volume. The colour palette is a tonal earthy palette.

You also do womenswear, is there a different thought process than when you’re creating mens?
Womenswear is most definitely a complete different process when designing and making a collection come to life. The female physique and the form and fit plays an incredible role. I actually think menswear is harder in the sense that the menswear market is much tougher than women’s.

We recently saw you at Hub of Africa Addis and you were a hit! Were you surprised?
I was! It is such a heart-warming and exhilarating feeling to see your work being accepted and appreciated. I think this specific collection was a perfect match for the setting.

What three things would we find in your studio when designing?
Pencil, paper and scissors!!!

What can we expect to see from you next season?
With Africa and nature still being the focal point, I will be playing with the darker side with a collection labelled African Thunderstorm for winter 2015.

Photo Credit: Abiy Solomon