Donrad Duncan, President and Designer of EFM Menswear, drew on the ideology of taking high performance fabrics and manipulating them into innovative, multi-functional, premiere urban sportswear. Previously apart of Victorinox and Ma.Strum, Duncan transforms the active man’s wardrobe to tailored, classic pieces.

How did you get into fashion Donrad?
I come from a family of tailors and furniture makers, so I always knew how to build things at a young age, but I got into fashion when I wanted a pair of trousers that fit my needs.  I borrowed a sewing machine, took an old pair of pants apart piece-by-piece and applied how to improve the construction. I then got into the fashion designing after enough people asked me to make them garments.

What’s the inspiration behind the AW14 collection?
My inspiration is never season to season.  I come up with an inspiration for the collection and have that transcend each season. This allows for the user to have pieces from various lines and know that they will always connect.

What’s your favorite piece?
Each piece is done with intent, so there is never a true favorite.  The non favorites never leave my sketch pad.DSC0080-final-f

Tell us a little bit about the materials, fabrications, and details used?
A few outerwear pieces use a lofty wool/nylon that has a comfortable stretch and the feel of cashmere.  We also have some outerwear pieces that are constructed of extremely light weight translucent nylon, that is ideal for packing in your luggage or a messenger bag.

If you compared your designs to a place in the world, where would it be?
New York, because it is an exciting combination of textures that all work together.

What fashion rules do you think should never be broken in menswear?
Other than the basic – always wear a t-shirt – my philosophy is that rules are a format for limitation, and limitation can inhibit creativity, even when choosing your sock color.