Derek-Cardigan-Gold-Collection My sister wore very thick glasses for many years until my mum allowed her to get color contacts in middle school. From that moment on, I wanted contact lenses. I would make excuses about my eyesight being horrible, or never being able to see the board. Until one day, my mum gave in. Sadly, all my boy who cried wolfing actually turned out to be a serious issue. The downside? I didn’t get the contact lenses I wanted but was put into glasses a couple of week later. (For all those kids born in the 90s, this is when nothing was immediate. Your glasses were sent off to some faraway land and created.)

Now, nearly 20 years later, I love my glasses. I interchange between contact lenses and glasses, but when I where my specs, people see a different side of me. This love isn’t just a personal obsession, but a growing trend. More and more e-tailers are popping up creating their own brand of frames for the individual. (or for us stateside) have their own brand – Derek Cardigan – of high-end framewear in so many unbelievable styles, colors, and patterns, that if you can’t find what you are looking for, you may be the most difficult person on the planet. Seriously. Just pack it up and call it a day because you’re just being a pain for attention at this point.

For example, Clearly Contacts currently has 126 different Derek Cardigan styles available. This does not include the various colors each style may come in, or the lens options (progressive, transition, etc.). Or the fact that you can also purchase other brands comme Balenciaga and McQueen from them. Or the fact you can probably get a pair for every day of the week and not feel too guilty about charging it all to your “emergency” credit card.

Constantly rolling out new collections but keeping client faves Derek Cardigan is one of hottest new brands of eyewear on the market. Whether you’re going for Patricia Arquette Oscar Speech, Lupita Nyong’o 2015 Golden Globes, or Meryl Streep, well, all of the time – Derek has got you covered.