Is it me or are there more brands popping up promoting plus-size fashions, or expanding their lines to include them? If anything, it’s exciting. I mean, curvy is just as beautiful as the growing androgynous trend.  But what even more exciting are the sex, lingerie market expanding their merchandise.

This session of CurvyStyles is about Baci Lingerie Diva Collection.  Debuted back in 2010 at the International Lingerie Show in Vegas, Baci’s across the board flattering styles communicated to a gamut of attendees. From there, Baci was welcomed by over 15 markets worldwide, and continues to make headlines in brand marketing.Lingerie

Now let’s get down to what you really want to hear about… the Diva Collection. How did it fair? Was it soft to the touch? Was it that one use throwaway item? Let’s just say it was all that and a bad of Baked Lay’s. At first glance, it seemed like stereotypical shoddy lingerie. To be fair, I have very high standards for everything and when things are presented to me in the manner expected, you’ve lost beaucoup points from presentation alone. But aside from the packaging, both pieces received were soft, easy to wash (by hand of course), and beautiful. Seriously beautiful.

The light pink lace and ribbon front detailing of the panties made it ultra luxe, while the zebra print halter utilized the figure flattering effects of side ruching to accentuate prime features that build healthy sexual confidence. And shouldn’t we all feel confident in the skin we’re in – naked or clothed?

With items starting at $6.99, Baci Lingerie, offers a selection of lingerie, bedroom costumes,glam eyelashes, Italian fashion masks, and a new corset and “fetish” collection, truly providing something for everyone.