XMAS_2_NoLogo The most special intangible “thing” about art is that it allows you to feel. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes nothing at all except a feeling of confusion. But through a work of art your taken to a place involuntarily. And as much as I’d like to have my favorite work by Van Eyck hanging in my boudoir, it’s not happening. Those sort of luxuries are privy to those who can afford such luxuries. But a mere price tag doesn’t mean a wall shouldn’t be plastered with prints by artists who could be the next Van Gogh (as soon as they cut off their ear).

Picture_Zoom_StampCurioos is this cool online marketplace of curated digital works from artists all around the world. Since its start in 2011 by Mathieu Valoatto, Curioos (previously just a Tumblr blog) has provided us an opportunity to the undiscovered discovered world of art. This way art lovers, educators, or researchers alike can relish in the works by Polish artist Dariusz Klimczak that an overpriced text book never would have told them about.

Artwork_Subway_Art-PrintCurioos currently features over 500 international artists with collections including Marilyn Monroe, Nudes, Abstract, Minimalism and much more. Plus there are simple customizable details such as sizing and frame styles. Seriously, I spent hours trying to get through everything until I decided to log off.