Milan is in full bloom, with floral prints sprouting up all over New York and London Fashion Weeks; it seems that the trend has most definitely hit the streets of Milan.


We have spied floral prints used in varying ways from bold to graphic prints in head-to-toe ensembles to full skirt dresses paired with leather jackets to layered jewelry from bracelets and necklaces to print-on-print floral on both jackets and handbags to subdued black and white prints on skirts and trousers to silk and/or cotton dresses in pastels with strategically placed floral panels to cut-out floral patterns and large-scale lace print overlays were splattered amongst the crowds rushing past the Duomo between shows.


The classic trend has never gone out of style but spring has sprung a bit early in Milan and to be honest we are quite excited to pull out one of our dainty little floral numbers for the upcoming Paris Fashion Week shows! Off to Paris in the morning!