There are many reasons why I love every season. But winter happens to be the only one where sporting boots all day, every day, seems to be acceptable. Snow covering the ground and trees creating a shimmering white wonderland, sipping hot cocoa in front of a toasty fire, sledding down hills, dressing to the nines for a 3 hour holiday party – these are just a few of the things that makes winter worth it.


1. Top Dollar (suede) – $230; 2. Rant and Rave – $160; 3. Allure (suede) – $169.95; 4. Ideal (suede) – $79.99

But my all-time favorite aspect of winter is the boot game you seem men and women playing on the streets of New York. From platform spike heels, to ankle booties, to riding boots all ranging from $20 to $1000, you’ll never be bored with the beauty you see down below. That’s why we’re in love with the variety of shoes, specifically boots, Chinese Laundry houses.

A brand that has surely come up from when I was in college, has really taken their quality of product seriously. It used to be about whose name was stamped on the insole, but as higher end brands struggle to keep their craftsmanship up to snuff, it’s an opportunity for companies like Chinese Laundry to show the market what they’re capable of creating.


5. St. Marks (leather) – $89.99; 6. Pride and Joy (manmade) – $89.99; 7. Paxton (manmade) – $69.99; 8. Husdon Street – $147.99