Scarf6808-EditBYou may think you have enough scarves, but if your collection doesn’t include a Chicory original, you don’t.

Launched in 2014 by Sukanya Sharath, Chicory set out to create quality accessories with an up-to-date aesthetic; something most new brands aim to accomplish, but take seasons to hone and cultivate their identity. Sharath, on the other hand knew from jump what the mission for Chicory would be. Premium accessories affordable to the demographic with some disposable income, or the shopper that aims for quality pieces that last season after season over a quantity of a fast fashion wardrobe. So she took her years of working in marketing, finance and as analyst for Thomson Reuters’s, mashes it with her passion for art and design, and makes her dream reality.

And thank your fashion stars she did, because though it’s a select collection of masterfully crafted and chosen pieces, it’s hard to decide which one(s) you really want. As of right now there are three fabrications – Cashmere Knit,Cashmere Woven, and Premium Silk Twill scarves – all assembled in small batch productions. The cashmeres come from the finest yarns in Italy and Scotland, while the silk is constructed from 100% raw Mulberry silk fiber that has been converted to premium twill yarn. Just knowing the origin makes the material against your skin that much more luxurious and sensual, right?! Add the vibrant colors and the abstract patterns, and well, you’ve just added a versatile, season-less piece to your wardrobe. BOOM!

Ranging from $250 to $400 this is one scarf that’s definitely worth the splurge!