According to the National Coffee Association, 63% of Americans drinks coffee on a daily basis. Which isn’t surprising as every corner you turn sits a coffee shop, most registries request a coffee machine, and many people actually can’t function without their daily dose of joe. I mean, while in Europe, I had an espresso almost every day, but immediately kicked the habit once returning stateside. Not because it was the cool thing to do, but it was hard to find espresso made the way it was in Europe – until now.


Thursday, Nespresso invited us down for a tasting experience like no other. Imagine happy hour, mixed with Christmas Cheer and top it off with Nespresso. Exactly what you’re thinking – Coffee Heaven! Honestly, I only order chai lattes at coffee shops, but Nespresso took me back to that cool evening in Portugal where I enjoyed a dessert of Strawberry Soup topped with Lemon Sorbet and Mint and finished the meal off with espresso so black and delicious.

So this holiday season, show someone you love them with a Nespresso machine.  One that creates drinks to your specification to get you through those long, sometimes painful days. Add a tipple of alcohol and you have happy hour, at any time of day.

Available in dozens of styles and color options, it’ll be the kitchen conversation piece that will have guests asking,”Le Creuset, what?”

For more information on Nepresso, the closest store, or how to get your hands on a machine of your own, visit them online. If ever in the New York City area makes sure to visit their boutique in Soho.