Campari unveils 2015 calendar entitled “Mythology Mixology” starring French actress, Eva Green. The 16th edition in a highly sought after calendar collection depicts Green as 12 of the brand’s most iconic cocktails including Campari Orange Passion and Americano. Shot by famed photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten, each photograph tells a story of luxury, beauty and style focusing on the Campari red seen throughout the Westwood and Alaïa gowns.

“For me, this project was about telling a series of stories in an imaginative, creative and beautiful way –and that’s exactly what we’ve achieved,” said Ms. Green. “The 2015 Calendar is a real testament to Campari as a brand.  Seeing all of the stories together just proves there will always be a firm place for a Campari cocktail in contemporary culture for generations to come.”

So you want yourself a piece of the Campari Calendar pie, well this is how you can get a slice… You can’t. This coveted calendar has only 9,999 printed copies that will not be sold, but shared among friends of Campari around the world. That’s right… you better open up that little black book you have and call in major favors, because otherwise, these images are your only glimpse into “Mythology Mixology”.Beauty

“We have a very personal connection to this year’s Campari Calendar as it is designed to celebrate the brand itself,” noted Bob Kunze-Concewitz, CEO of Gruppo Campari. “The theme, Mixology Mythology, leads Campari fans on an exciting and intriguing journey where we look not only at our history, but also project the brand into the future, and together imagine where our fascinating adventure will lead us next.”

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