Remember when you convince you’re mother to discard her “dated” closet items because they could never be worn again? We’ve discovered a site that probably houses some of your mother’s favorite pieces circa 1980.

Ahead of the game, as we live in a world where we spend more time online shopping than we did in previous years, is the first editorial meets e-commerce website devoted to authentic 20-years old and older vintage fashion. The e-commerce was inspired, curated, and edited by some of fashion’s vintage experts with contributors including Diane Pernet, A.F. Vandevorst, Kate Lanphear, Simon Collins and Boy George.


From left to right: Chanel Leather pants, 1983-’89; Claude Montana Cropped Linen Jacket

Renee Bejil, former owner of New World Order and now Head of Merchandiser, selected true designer vintage wear and accessories from boutiques and private showrooms in London, Paris, and New York to ensure a gamut of looks. Founder and Editor-in-Chief Gill Linton said, “Everyone on the team is frustrated about the mediocre culture of fast fashion and the banality of editorial online. There’s almost nothing for people who don’t want to look like everyone else and who want a more considered and intelligent perspective on fashion. Vintage has become an abused marketing buzzword used to sell everything from thrift, resale and outdated design considered good just because it’s old.”

Backed by CFDA award recipient, Andrew Rosen and Marvin Traub Associates, Byronesque hopes to increase retail partnerships, yet has no intention to expand to a point of another overcrowded marketplace.


From left to right: Maison Martin Margiela Leather Apron Belt, 1988-’89; Romeo Gigli Oversized Cotton Shirt, 1980s