SAD_PRECISION_GLIDE_BROW_PENCIL_GROUP2Great brows can make or break any makeup look. Actually, lots of things can make or break an on-point makeup look, but great brows is like finding the perfect pair of jeans. The moment you figure out the perfect shape for you, your base is set. I’m still struggling to find my perfect shape. The last time I saw them was Fall of 2006 and are implanted as my current passport photo. It’s my mission to figure out my perfect shape by October 2016 when I have to renew said passport.

I started early (surprising…I know!) with Stila STAY ALL DAY Brow collection. This line houses a gel & brush set, glide pencil, and marker pen that guarantee stay all day, waterproof wear. I opted out of the marker pen because markers don’t work for me as my skin, especially where hair resides, tends to be oily; making it difficult for the color to stick.  Thus leaving me with Stay All Day® Brow Gel & Brush and Precision Glide Pencil.

Stay All Day® Brow Gel & Brush (pictured above) comes in five shades and are easy to mix if you prefer to do so.  It comes with a double-ended brow brush for application and maintenance, plus the dispenser is angled for convenient gel access. Now, the gel was the perfect consistency and defined my brows the way I’d hoped, but the Precision Glide Pencil seemed to provide more control. Actually no, let me rephrase that. The gel is something I would have to grow in to using, as of right now, I find the pencil to allow me to temper how light or dark I want my brows to be. With the gel, it was more as if the product decided that.

I would recommend both products, but advise a beginner not dive head first into the gel. Stila also offers videos online with their Global Executive Director of Creative Artistry, Sarah Lucero showcasing tons of tips, tricks, and how-tos. Stay All Day® Brow Gel & Brush retails for $34, and Stay All Day® Precision Glide Pencil for $21. Both are currently available on, and Ulta stores.