So, I’m participating in the Break Up with Your Makeup Blogger Contest Sponsored by Galderma Laboratories, L.P. We want you to say good-bye to hiding that beautiful skin you were born in. No more hours of highlighting and contouring. No more schlepping on the foundation. No more clogging those pores with matte powder, just to hide your rosacea. And though I’ve never experienced rosacea firsthand, some of my nearest and dearest deal with the chronic inflamed skin on the regular.

Now thanks to Mirvaso, the ONLY FDA-approved treatment for the constant redness caused by Rosacea, you can save those “beauty must-haves” for special occasions. Mirvaso is a fast acting, topical gel providing same day results that last up to 12 hours. Meaning you can go from work to gym to happy hour before returning to your cherub rouge. And because why waste such a flawless palette on just happy hour, Mirvaso is hosting a sweepstakes to send you to Emmy’s in Los Angeles.Rosacea

Imagine laughing over a cocktail with the cast of Mad Men. Learning secrets on “How to be Cool in Hollywood” from Amy Poehler and Melissa McCarthy. Or talking serious politics with Olivia, I mean, Kerry Washington.

To find out more information about Mirvaso, and enter to win a trip to the 2014 Primetime Emmys, hosted by Seth Meyers FYI, enter below!

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