Growing up, I was always delusional about height. I never really knew how tall I was, and whenever asked, would just assume that I was the same height as my elder sister, 5’8”. I mean, the fact I could look her in the eyes when speaking, must have constituted some factual grounding, but it didn’t. Every time I would go for a check-up, the words five, two and a half, never sunk in. Even after I’d tell people I was 5’8” and a loud guffaw or cackle quickly followed, I just assumed they were laughing at how funny I was. Now, 27 years old and standing 5’2.5” small, I embrace my height (and the sassy personality that comes with it) for all its greatness. That’s why, Becky Murphy’s I’d Rather Be Short is our November Book of the Month.

Inspired by her blog, “I’d Rather Be Short”, Murphy, at 5’ knows our daily plight. And rather than crying to the gods as to why she doesn’t have the legs of Naomi Campbell, she celebrates the shorter women (and men) of the world, by reminding us of all the benefits that come along with height. At first glance, I thought it would compare us shorter beauties to the taller ones, but with every page, it gives us one more reason to smile. Like being able to wear a skirt as a dress, or vice versa. Or how you always have ample leg room on flights. And my personal favorite, how you just look so adorable pregnant.

“Being the same size as a fifth grader is often fantastic; I can fit in their cheap clothes, yet I’m old enough to drive myself to interesting places, like say, the office.  Nobody expects me to clean the fan blades or replace the water cooler, and I can maneuver to the front of the crowd during concerts,” says author Becky Murphy.

Filled with humor, truth and lots of cute illustrations, this easy read, will be read time and time again – I’m up to read number 6.

For more information on Becky Murphy, visit her online. I’d Rather Be Short is currently available in bookstores and online.