grace coddingtonWhenever I think of Grace Coddington, I wonder, “What would I say if she sat next to me on the subway?” Unlike many head honchos at large publications, Grace does take the subway. In 2007 you may remember her aggressively yet passionately fighting for her ideas in The September Issue. This time around we got a deeper look into the life of  that fiery redhead, Grace Coddington in Grace: A Memoir.

With every turn of the page, it was like ticking off every box on my list of what I thought Grace would be like. She’s brilliant (but that was never a disputed question), she’s straightforward, she’s witty and on every level, she’s real.

Some of my favorite parts of the book – I won’t give away much as I hate when people tell you details of any book leaving you reading exactly what they told you they read – are when she openly (and rightly so) credits herself for starting particular trends that other models have claimed to have begun.

Honestly, If you read any book on someone in fashion that, Grace is my first choice. Mainly because it’s a read that’s quite addicting, but also, as the Creative Director of VOGUE, Grace Coddington is so much more than just her title.


Grace is currently available in hardcover at most book retailers and in audio format, read by Ms. Coddington herself.