Whenever I think of giving, I remember that episode of Friends where Joey and Phoebe argued there are no selfless acts of kindness. DON’T BELIEVE IT! To be honest, it’s not about being selfless or selfish. In fact”self” shouldn’t even be in the equation as truly giving isn’t about you. It’s about the recipient, the organization, the cause, their stance. It’s about them and what they hope to accomplish through your purchase. And along with the financial component, knowing their mission is one person stronger makes it message that much powerful.

So, if you can, this holiday season, make at least one purchase that gives back. Or help someone in need. Or just do a random act of kindness. Not because you need a last minute tax write-off, or need to clear a conscious. Do it just because you can.

Give WILL Backpack Large by Will Leather Goods – $100; Rafiki Bracelet by Me to We at PacSun –  $10; Moleskine (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition Notebook –  $24.95; “THANKS” and “GIVING” Lipstick by Gold Label Cosmetics – $14; Limited Edition Crème de Corps Holiday Collection by Kiehl’s x Costello & TagliaPietra – prices vary; Attack T-Shirt by OBEY x Ben Venom – $39.95; The Giving Hat by Kmart – $5; Songa Design International – prices vary; Bombas Socks – starting at $8; Soma Black Pitcher by Soma – $49; Mindful Holiday Collection by Toe Talk – $29.95; Izzy Best Friend doll by Bea and Izzy – $68; TWENTYSIX by Natasha Koifman x Aromachology – $75