GlovesShow that cold, rainy weather who’s the boss with these must have weather appropriate staples. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t wear gloves, even when it’s below freezing, because of how annoying it is to remove them every time I need to answer a phone call, send an email or answer a text. Echo has solved my frostbitten finger issues with these Touch Gloves that allow you to use touch screen devices and keep your hands toasty with a new fabric specially designed to react to body heat. These hot commodities are available in dozens of colors, designs and styles. Vince-Camuto-Vince-JCrew

As the weather changes daily, so does your outerwear. Shield yourself from the rain in Vince Camuto’s Double Breasted Raincoat with a stylish belted waist. In Vince’s Two Tone Coat you’ll be ready for those chilly days, not cold enough for a peacoat. Or stay warm in J.Crew’s Double-cloth Lady Day Coat with Thinsulate, when Mother Nature decides to dust the ground with snow.


Raindrops – the purveyor of chic water resistant products – really makes getting caught in the rain well worth it. Merde Il Pleut [Shit It’s Raining] and Jean Paul Gaultier Black Corset Umbrella protects your new-do from Fall’s showers or skip over those ghastly puddles in Ladies Joules Brown Dog Wellington Boots without getting your feet soaked.