Summer’s gone, school is back in session and it’s time we switch our wardrobe from flip-flops, sun-kissed locks and sundresses to trench coats, scarves and a heavier morning routine – but there’s no reason this change should be mundane. This year, we’ve created the “Best of Fall” series where we’ve scouted the best brands and products for the season. We’ve got everything from stain-dissolving strips to or touchscreen gloves to eye liner that doesn’t smear (trust me… I tried it).  So follow your Style Cartel Fall Gurus as we present the best of Autumn starting with a brighter smile.


8bea97f1dcfcd138_Rembrandt_Stain_Dissolve.xxxlarge_1All of those late night glasses of wine did a number on your teeth (and your wallet). That’s why REMBRANDT® created INTENSE STAIN® Stain Dissolving Strips. It’s the on-the-go solution to whitening tooth enamel surface stains caused by wine, coffee or smoking and helps protect against the build-up of future stains. The best part is you can pop them in before stepping out your door and they dissolve in less than 10 minutes. This is one of the best, money-saving alternatives for stained teeth.



Reach-BrushesBrush in style with REACH® brought to us by fashion designer Shoshanna Gruss and BRAVO TV’s “Flipping Out” star, Jeff Lewis. Inspired by Gruss’ 2012 Swim Collection and Lewis’ recent design projects along with his favorite streets in L.A., these patterned toothbrushes add a chic trend element to every bathroom.






Vintage Bloom is the latest floral scent from Jessica Simpson. Though not my usual go to scent, this perfume took me by surprise with its long-lasting wear, sweet notes of raspberry blossoms and stardust peonies. This season, we can all feel like America’s sweetheart with Vintage Blossom.





Broderie by Hayari is my transatlantic fall alternative. Best described as “Parisian grace”, Broderie welcomes the feminine notes of mandarin and peach while ending with heavier notes such as patchouli and sandalwood, allowing for the perfect harmony of man vs. woman.



Photos courtesy of LaForce + Stevens, Alison Brod PR and Hayari Perfums.