25 years ago, a very wise man sent a note and flowers to Oprah offering to do her hair. Since then, that man has been the only man to get his hands into Oprah beautiful locks. That man is Andre Walker, Oprah’s hair guru and co-founder of Andre Walker Hair.

Andre Walker and partner, Dianne Hudson recently launched The Gold System – a line of Walker approved products designed specifically for kinky, curly and textured hair. And since I’m on that boat of transitioning without the big chop, I decided to test these babies out.

Now, before I say anything know this – I have no clue how to take of my hair. Most of my life I have been sleeping on cotton covered pillows, going to bed without wrapping my hair and not trimming it when necessary. I’ve gone through wearing my hair in a bun every day for a year, chopping it to a bob, chopping it to a faux hawk, then shaving the back. I’ve put my hair through things that no stylist would ever recommend, so my expectations were high.


Did Andre surpass my expectations? DUH! Did you think he wouldn’t?! I got all four pieces of the collection. I wasn’t sure what to do with the Get It Straight Styling Crème. Till this day it’s sits on my shelf begging for me to use it. As for the rest of the items, they’re amazing. The shampoo really cleanses the scalp and I feel it’s more of a cleaning agent than moisturizing agent, like many other shampoos out there. The conditioner conditions, duh! again, but it apparently can go without rinsing out. I never tried that so I can’t tell you my results. But my all time fave was the Beautiful Kinks Styling Crème Gelee because my natural curl pattern really surfaced. It was unreal to see this occur after the second use, but it is there.

So, long story short… would I recommend? Absolutely! This sulfate free collection needs to be in every kinky, curly, textured hair bathroom… now!