No hotel experience isn’t complete without a visit to their spa. Housed inside the The Chatwal hotel. in New York’s theatre district lives Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa.

Growing up, Mum would only purchase Elizabeth Arden skincare, Estee Lauder makeup and Giorgio Armani perfume. As I got older, I noticed more and more brands popping up appealing to crowds of my time, soon making these brands seem older and not “hip to the game”. Now, over 10 years later, those “hip” brands are dead and gone, while the older more prestigious brands still reign. Which explains why Red Door Spa is still a world renowned spa visited and known by people all over the world.Pool-and-Spa-Waiting-Area

During my visit, I had partook in the Signature Facial. Though my skin was left a little warm from my extractions (I have clogged pores), the experience as a whole was informative. Vadna, my esthetician, educated me on what I was doing wrong with my daily regimen rather. “Exfoliate once a week,” she scolded, “You have beautiful skin. You’re too young to ruin it.” From there she explained what Elizabeth Arden products I should use to replicate the same glow I had when leaving.  It seemed she knew I’d forget, so she left sweet card repeating the name of each product. Untitled

And as much fun and luxurious as it is to have someone pick and prod at your face as you slowly doze off into a deep slumber, it’s the little things I notice. Like the bathrobe that actually wrap all the way around. Or the private dressing suites with vanity, slippers and steam shower… all to yourself. Two person lounge area so to not be bothered with the conversations of others and salt water lap pool simulator allowing average size pool fitness benefits.

The quintessential additive to a historic hotel, Red Door Spa is more than a place to relax, it’s a respected intuition that has been aging with the times, but staying to their foundation.