Remember last year when we introduced you to KLARA Beauty Lab and her signature facial? We told you it would be two parter as it was our first ever medical spa featured.  Well, this is part II. This time around we got a Lash Lift.

When I first told friends that I was get a Lash Lift they immediately thought it was the lash comparisons to a face lift. It wasn’t. A Lash Lift is the modern day take on the eyelash perm, but rather than using a round, cushiony rod, a silicone pad was used. Each silicone pad inhabits individual slits for you lashes to rest whiles the solution sets.2013-10-24T23-07-30_2

My lashes looked gorgeous. My eyes were more open and bright.  My lash curler has been sitting in my makeup bag for months and it’s waterproof. So, I can sweat, shower, or cry without my lashed ever falling. And this was the astonishing thing, the lift lasted long than expected. Klara had recommended I use Nouriche Eyelash Conditioner that strengthens and lengthens your lashes. At the time, of procedure I used the conditioner, which probably played a part in the results lasting as long as they did. Without the conditioner, clients shouldn’t go longer than 8 weeks without a touchup.

Now aside from all the perks of having your lashes look like a million bucks whilst never having a curler touch them, there are a couple of things you need to know. For people who don’t live in New York, or don’t come often enough to schedule an appointment with Madame Klara, research. These are your eyes and you’ve been blessed with the ability to read this, don’t lose that by going to some “medical spa” that claims to do Lash Lifts and ultimately damage your eyes.


If you think you’ve found a place that is reputable, talk with your technician. They should be able to talk your ear off with information about the procedure, how it will go, and communicate the pros and cons.  If it seems like they are struggling to give you the basics, leave. They probably are nervous or really don’t know what they are doing.

But for those of you who live in the tri-state area or visit enough that you actually come for treatments, make an appointment. You will not be disappointed!