There’s no better way to relax than at a spa, but finding one while you’re away from home can be more difficult than one would like to admit. Last season during London Fashion Week, I was fortunate to come across a beauty hotspot called spa@thethirdspace.

Apart of the Marylebone Hotel, spa@thethirdspace is a tranquil environment detached from the noise of the street, the voices of incoming guests and soothing in site. Equipped with Payot Paris treatments for detoxing, beauty areas for pampering and health and wellness arena for keeping fit on the go, it provides the amenities of true luxe arena.


On my visit, I opted for a bodywrap. I’ve had facials, hamam, manis and massages, but never had a body wrap. When one thinks of wraps, it’s always been emblazoned saran wrap bodies sweating out gunk. Or looking like Edina Monsoon enjoying one of her newly found weight loss regimen without the workout. Sadly, it was nothing like either of those fantasies, but it was just as cool.


This Slim Line Wrap uses a self-heating product that’s sloughed allover your body. From there you are wrapped in a foil like blanket that shrinks as the heat rises. I can’t remember how much time I was lying on the table, but I do remember being in a cool room, with a warm sensation. To help pass the time, I dozed off momentarily and woke up to the foil lightly clinging to my skin. It’s nothing like having your circulation cut off, so for those who are concerned with your breathing pattern changing due to tightness, don’t fret. After removal and proper shower scrub down, my skin was tight, moisturized and refreshed.

The ideal spot for bridal parties, a personal day or a couples day out, spa@thethirdspace has everything to calm and center their guests.