PeelThere’s a new way to get that red-carpet skin without going under the knife. Seriously, it’s called SilkPeel. Many people you see sashaying down the carpet in Galliano or strolling the streets in UGGs with an effortless glow have more than genes to thank. Besides a bevy of great products that are packed with the right amount of SPF, there’s a facialist, sometimes even a dermatologist, which has them on the books every couple of months for it a session.

SilkPeel is a 20-minute facial treatment that combines fine-grained “diamond-assisted” microdermabrasion and solution deposition. Basically there’s a small tube that has the microdermabrasion component that scrapes away the dead skin cells, drops in the solution, AND sucks away the dead skin.  Imagine what happens when you go through a drive-thru bank window. The tube takes your money (dead skin), and the bank returns with a receipt (the solution). Except this is a continual sensation for 20 minutes. And since it’s so fine, after 10 or so minutes you may feel like your skin has just been completely rubbed up. But it hasn’t, I promise.

For me, I felt this sensation in areas closest to my lips, on my lips and on my eyelids. At one point I thought I was going to ask the doctor to stop all together. Which brings me to what makes SilkPeel so revolutionary.  They’ve taken the concept of a peel, mashed it with the idea of microdermabrasion providing you similar results with little to no recovery time. As it’s so finely grated, the technology can be used on eyelids, under eye area and lips in comparison to other microdermabrasion treatments that are not sensitive enough to glide over this area without causing harm. It’s also a natural lip plumping agent as the continual strokes on the lips enable lips to naturally plump without looking like you had the help of collagen. (The plump lips are obviously temporary, but a definite added bonus!)

Overall satisfaction? If it were a hotel I’d give it 4 stars. My lips felt softer than ever before, the slight redness dissipated rather quickly, but my skin looked and felt brand new. I will say the next day I had very faint scratch marks along my face that disappeared a couple of days later. They were reminiscent of cat scratches, so no scabbing was left behind (unless your cat is a tiger, and well, you’re on your own).

For information on SilkPeel including certified location that offer the treatment, please visit them online or call (888) 848-3633.