ABLE_CAMPAIGN_DC_071415_0363-9_2_convertedCosmetics were created to aid in enhancing our beauty, but it useless when no matter how hard we try we just can recreate these so called easy looks all the publications are raving about. Well, ABLE cosmetics, founded in 2015 (yes… just this year) by New York make-up artist Dana Rae, aims to solve these issues.

I know, I know…. We’ve heard this story before, but just listen up. They aren’t releasing a wide variety of products at once, overwhelming the consumer to learn faster than they can walk. Slowly, by slowly, items are being dropped that offer on-trend or classic looks for any and every occasion.

Their first launch – CatEYE 101. It’s the first liquid eyeliner that helps users achieve the perfect Cat Eye with a formula that is cruelty-free, gluten free, paraben free, phylate free and smudge proof in lieu of waterproof. The liner comes in a refillable case made of aluminum with an outer casting, which has been specifically engineered to be ergonomically for easy application. The cap is angled and covered soft malleable rubber edging to act as a tracing guide. Plus the angled tip is the ideal length to produce varying cat-eye styles.

So where can you get your grubby paws on one? Well, right now it’s only available for PRE-ORDER on for $48, and will ship out in December….just in time for the holidays! You may even call this our first holiday guidepost.

As you wait for that shipment, trust we are just as eager as you are to try it out, watch this video on repeat. Soon enough, we’ll all beABLE to re-create the “simple” beauty looks we yearn to learn.